Discover why Magnetic Trading stands alone in depth & transparency when learning to trade financial markets.


Our approach is proven, time tested and unique within the sector and we continuously update and publish our trading performance.

Unlike many educators within the field we don’t teach our clients complicated trading theories and then leave them to tackle the markets alone, we don’t just “talk the talk”,  we actually “walk the walk”. Right beside you each day providing detailed guidance, trading signals and support whilst we call and manage the trades that we take on our own in house trading account.

As a client of Magnetic Trading you will receive our high probability trade alerts and learn about the unique trading strategies we employ in our Live webinar conference room. You will develop your understanding of our approach through our modular training program that has been designed to guide you to become a confident and competent trader. Our services are also backed by our friendly Australian based support team who are available and ready to assist you with any difficulties that you may encounter along your journey.

When you become a client of Magnetic Trading you are joining a team of traders who’s daily trades are emailed in advance with every win/loss tracked and published for 100% transparency.

Our Approach

Our sole focus is on the short term trading of the worlds most well known Stock Index Markets such as the FTSE, ASX, DAX, NASDAQ and the DOW JONES. These markets are otherwise known as stock indices.

We do not trade Shares, Forex, Commodities or Options.

Our unique understanding of these stock index markets and their common inefficiencies affords us a time tested and demonstrable edge to profit from trading these world indices.

We manage all of our trading activity by way of CFD’s (Contract’s For Difference). Through the use of this instrument we can position for short term, risk controlled exposure to our preferred markets. This allows us to take a view in either market direction so that we can profit from both rising and falling market prices.

We consistently maintain and promote a conservative approach with our trading activity and we expect the same of our clients to ensure their success.

We adopt what we call a “less is more approach” and focus on what we know to be high probability trades that have a statistical edge.

Typically, we will apply a 1% risk exposure of our trading capital for our open positions and as a client you will be advised the same. As a Magnetic client you will also gain access to the custom tools we have developed to help easily achieve accurate management of risk however volatile the market may be.

Click on the View Performance button to view the ongoing progress of our proprietary trading account. Results updated monthly.

Audited and verified by Dr. Ken Rawlings.