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What is a “LIVE” Trading Room?

We are real traders who trade everyday, so our objective is to provide you with a unique “LIVE” opportunity to gain valuable insight into how professional traders go about their daily business. This allows you to follow our proven winning trading techniques in real time and execute the same trades we are as they unfold.

The confidence to trade LIVE with our students in a community format is what sets Magnetic Trading apart from all the other signal services on the market today. We don’t just teach it, we trade it.

As a subscriber to our LIVE TRADING ROOM you will have direct access to both Mark and Cameron. Our goal is to be with you, LIVE, all the way through the trade to answer your questions personally. You will receive a special access code that is exclusive to you and every evening you can log in and see our report for the day that sets out our plan so that you can make money right alongside our trades.

We will be teaching you and mentoring you in exactly what we do, with the aim of setting you on the path to a lifetime of trading profits!

We saw far too many traders wasting their lives away tied to a computer screen, at time often losing their life savings on inconsistent trades…

What do we expect from you?

Understand your EMOTIONAL bank account.

We often find that a trader’s “emotional bank account” runs out before their actual bank account! Maybe this is why traders in our live trading room do so well. When you have the support of other traders, and a professional mentor, a wiser head can look over your shoulder and keep you on the straight and narrow path towards success.

Trade for 30 minutes a day or less.

On average 75% of our trades are completed within the first 30 minutes after the market opens. Armed only with your laptop you can hang out in some of the most beautiful parts of the world, trade for 30 minutes a day, and make enough money to enjoy life the way you choose.

Willingness to sit back and let US tell you what to do on a daily basis.

If you really want to achieve steady trading profits and live the lifestyle WE enjoy, then you need to have the discipline to sit back and let us tell you what to do?

Manage your RISK

Want to trade with a smaller account, our service adopts a low risk strategy that is suitable for you.


We have been successfully trading the markets for over 30 years collectively. During that time we have literally spoken to thousands of traders. Many of these traders are doing very nicely and are making a steady profit.

Others have been hopping from one system to the next, looking for the ‘Holy Grail’ of trading. But when people are truly honest with us we have learned that most are losing money. You know what? We totally understand this.

Staring at the screen, wondering if you should pull the trigger on a trade or not can be a lonely and scary proposition. Sure, we all love those no-brainer trades that leap out at us; but most trades are a bit trickier and it can be an emotional rollercoaster wondering whether to get in (or out!).


We are going to teach you about lifestyle trading, our type of trading, where 75% of our trades are completed within the first 30 minutes after the market(s) opens. That means 8 am (local time) for the FTSE and 9 am (local time) for the DAX.
An understanding of when institutional money comes into the market and the significance of “dividend Wednesday” so you aren’t leaving fair amounts of money on the table, as both of these provide great trading opportunities.
How to utilize your exclusive access to our high probability trades that usually setup every week – so you can profit as we do. These high probability trades are unique opportunities in the market that require a keen eye and years of experience to spot. This allows you to reduce your learning curve while making money at the same time.
You will learn about all degrees of risk management, market analysis and money management, as well as the techniques to provide you with an edge on the market. Learning many of these disciplines is not always an intellectual process, it is also an emotional process, and we are here to help you navigate through those challenges like a pro.
New insights and learning opportunities happen everyday in the markets. Your personal trading mentors are teaching and guiding you everyday with real market trades in real market situations as they unfold.


Why do you think more people lose money from trading rather than make money from trading? You will laugh when I tell you.

Our LIVE trading room traders have a very unique ability; in fact it is almost magical… they simply listen and learn to follow along with us, two very highly skilled and experienced traders! Imagine that.

You might be saying to yourself…“What, Is that all?” I could do that!”. But you would be surprised how many people just cannot resist fiddling with our astonishingly successful and proven FTSE and DAX methodologies.

These folks will place trades, which have nothing to do with our approach. They will risk more (or less) money than we tell them to because they have a “hunch’” or a ‘gut feeling’. You might laugh, but we seen it happen all the time.


Here is the really exciting part. The longest winning run has been 15 trades, while our longest losing run has been only 4 trades so far.

These trades have enabled us to achieve over 300% on our proprietary fund over the last 4.5 years.

With a verified track record like this it is difficult to lose. So you can see why we are aiming to double our return on investment in 12 months!

Since it is impossible to win all the time we strictly control our losses, and you can see from the table that they have not stopped us from moving steadily upwards.

We would be remiss if we didn’t make it clear that past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. In the future losses may occur more often, but we have been trading professionally for a long time now and our methodology has been proven again and again.

Here’s something for you to consider…Does it make more sense to be taken under the wing of two professional traders with an enviable track record, or does it make more sense to go it alone?

How you answer that one single question has the potential to change your life forever.

It’s Decision Time!

In order to be successful, you must learn from successful traders who are trading the markets every day, not sitting on the sidelines just talking about trading. We have hundreds of people from all over the world joining us in our LIVE TRADING ROOM every day and profiting from our methods. Why not join in the success story.
Of course, you can carry on with what you are currently doing, but wouldn’t it to be great to just sit back and be shown exactly what to do for a while?
We really look forward to having the opportunity to earn your trust, and teaching you how to make the quantum leap you have been looking for from your trading.
To sign up for the LIVE TRADING ROOM simply click the link below so you can begin your journey with us.

Standard Monthly Pricing

$ 400

Per Month
  •  Personal Mentorship via daily interactive web conferencing.
  •  Video reviews of the day’s trades sent directly to your email.
  • Daily market analysis
  • Full system disclosure on select strategies.
  • (So that you can eventually become independent of us)
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6 Months Discount

$ 300

Per Month
  •  Personal Mentorship via daily interactive web conferencing.
  •  Video reviews of the day’s trades sent directly to your email.
  • Daily market analysis
  • Full system disclosure on select strategies.
  • (So that you can eventually become independent of us)
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12 Months Discount

$ 200

Per Month
  •  Personal Mentorship via daily interactive web conferencing.
  •  Video reviews of the day’s trades sent directly to your email.
  • Daily market analysis
  • Full system disclosure on select strategies.
  • (So that you can eventually become independent of us)
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Opening just before the FTSE does at 8 am, the DAX opens at an ideal time to trade for many of us because we are at our screens anyway. With this added bonus you have the ability to make even more money by trading both markets in the LIVE room. In addition to the FTSE, you will also receive all of this so you can trade the DAX.

The LIVE TRADING ROOM can help you make full time profits trading part time alongside two experienced, professional traders.

Remember, for this discounted price you get EVERYTHING we have discussed:

  • Receive our daily pre-market signal for the FTSE & DAX.
  • Participate in our daily LIVE interactive web conference.
  • View our daily post market video recaps.
  • Personal emails telling you which way we think the FTSE is going.
  • Magnet Trading Methodology.
  • Full system disclosure on select strategies.
  • Lifestyle Trades as they set up.
  • Medium Term Forecasts.
  • Personal mentorship from Mark and Cameron.
  • Multi-part video series – Learn the basics of Index trading so you can get started immediately or simply refresh your skills.
  • How to video – Learn to read the Magnetic FTSE & DAX signals.
  • How to video – Setting up the trade in your brokerage account.

It doesn’t get better than this!