Finally a PROVEN Programme to take you from
wanna be day trader to

You know that attending a weekend seminar on the basics of day trading is not going to make you
a professional trader come Monday morning. 

  •  You need the Correct Education not some rehashed system by a failed trader.
  •  You need the correct Focus – by choosing your market, fitting it into your lifestyle, selecting the correct trading style for your personality
    and finally developing your own trade plan.
  •  You need to be doing the correct Trading – by taking ONLY high probability trades, becoming consistent in your execution,
    by utilising discipline every time you trade and finally, daily analysis helped with specialist software.
  •  You need the the correct Mindset – Our In -house trading coach helps guide you in this nuanced specialism of the professional trader.
  •  Correct size – Once you have the correct education, focus, and mindset
    the only difference between an amateur and a professional trader is one of trade size
    – W help you with this to setting Clear benchmarks of your progress so you can match your results against target.
  •  Once you have all this under your belt, we work with you to develop your own personalised trading methodology.

We work with you EVERYDAY for a year!

That is how you become a professional trader. Simple but not easy.
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