Finally a PROVEN Programme to take you from wanna be day trader to

Watch this video and hear how Tim joined us
and within 6 months was winning competitions, with $6000 trades.
Today, 12 months later, he is making $13650 trades!


Ross talks about being 100% already for 2018
and the confidence that Pro Trader has given him
to now know he can be a professional trader.

Watch the Main Pro Trader Presentation in the Video above.

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Included in your package;

  • Trade with us in a live trading room daily.

  • Pro Trader Exclusive Training & Mentoring room, daily live sessions.

  • Pro Trader Exclusive Fund Management Room.

  • Pro Trader Community room.

  • Access to in-house trading Coach including 1 on 1 Sessions.

  • Training on your psychology to increase position size progressively.

  • Professional Trading Reporting Software.

  • Pro Trader Learning Centre.

  • Big Fish Program & Whale Trading Blueprint.

  • Exclusive Live Trading & Mastermind Day in Bangkok, Sydney and London.

Yes! I’m ready to STOP cycling around the win some lose some in my trading account.

I’m excited to finally master consistency in my trading
and produce regular profits month on month.

I’m ready to begin the Pro Trader program so I can finally start earning
what I’m worth, with fun time for travel the world, and relaxation with the family.

You’ll discover that with Pro Trader, you’ll work less.

Much less than other professions.

This is because unlike Forex or any other trading systems
our index lifestyle trading is based around your trading plan and your lifestyle.

Plus, you’re getting access to a trading coach.

Someone who has graduated our program before and can help you avoid the pitfalls.

If you want to have an easier time figuring out trading and work less, keep reading…

What You’re Getting:

·         Trade with us in a live trading room daily:

This is Limited time special this is our award-winning live trading room worth $4800 each year.
The main difference is you are going to be able to join us after this session
to pick our brains around what happened and to get more training with us at a more in-depth level.

·         Pro Trader Exclusive Training & Mentoring room, daily live sessions.

Join us after the daily live room session but now we take you through some structured learning
AND answer all your questions from the live room session and anything that happened in the previous day session.
You can get your questions answered about anything to do with trading daily.

·         Pro Trader Community room.

Limited Anyone that is winning in life is winning with a team.
It is rare that anyone succeeds exclusively on their own without help and support.
As part of Pro Trader, you will be working alongside like-minded individuals
all with a common goal to become a professional trader or at least get your skills to a professional level.

·         Training on your psychology to increase position size progressively.

Honestly, this is the difference between making a living and scraping by.
We don’t trade more than other traders but we place trades at a far bigger size.
Truth be told you cannot afford to do that at the start but in time during the year
we will prepare you for this and with consistency, you will gain the confidence to do so.

·         Professional Trading Reporting Software.

Limited You don’t run a business without accountancy software so you know whether you are ahead or behind.
It’s the same with your trading business.
We will be giving you for free reporting software that allows you and us to monitor your progress
and see your increasing profits month on month.

·         Pro Trader Learning Centre.

We’ve rebuilt this from the ground up.
We are determined to make sure no one gets left behind in 2019 and invested heavily in software
to help you access the learning you need when you need it. – Launching January 2019.

·         Big Fish Program & Whale Trading Blueprint.

All our time-tested high probability trades so you can choose your trading plan with confidence.

·         Exclusive Live Trading & Mastermind Day in Bangkok, Sydney and London.

Meet with us and your peers up close and personal during one of our mastermind days.
Bring your questions and hear about our latest strategies and techniques to bring you trading success.


Look you are not going to wake up tomorrow a full-time trader we both know that.
So, let’s get you started asap so your 2019 goals have more chance of being a reality.

    • 1 on 1 sessions with a trader coach:

      We’re giving you access to someone that has literally been in your shoes and has graduated the program.
      He can walk you through the trials and tribulations of becoming a pro and help you avoid the pitfalls.


    • The Pro Trader Exclusive Fund Management Room:

      Within this room you will receive advanced instructions on how to trade the whale and big fish trades with lower risk and higher stakes.
      You will receive trades taken on the magnetic proprietary fund in addition to whale trades
      Instant trade management communication for any trades running from the live room
      Instant alerts to trade opportunities setting up on the FTSE and DAX.
      You get to join in on these alongside Mark and really get inside the brain of a professional trader.
      This is unprecedented access to one of the best in the business.


  • The Anything We Create Guarantee:

    As soon as you become a Pro Trader you get access to all our training for as long as you are a member.
    Anything we release throughout your time as a Pro Trader you get access to,
    just this year we developed an 8 am high probability Bread and Butter trade and all our Pro Traders got immediate access no extra charge. 


If you leave this page now, everything is going to be the same.

You’ll still have the same challenges and frustrations,
without any new solution for trading success.

But when you DO invest in this programme, then tomorrow will be different.

Tomorrow you’ll have a solution.


You’ll know how to trade with confidence the correct position size,
and how to use market inefficiencies to profit from the markets,
how to bring consistency to your trading results
and how to finally make a living from your trading.


Also, because this is a “boot camp” we’re teaching you “how to fish”.
Many of our Pro Traders after spending a year with us,
develop their own trading style.
One that suits their lifestyle, income goals and appetite to risk.


If this training gets you to being profitable 10 out of 12 months,
it will more than pay for itself, many times over.

We truly believe trading is a life skill that will serve you
no matter what life throws at you.


We’re not saying YOU will,
but many of our past pro traders are now making $75,000 to $150,000
and more per annum from their trading.


You’ve seen the screenshots these are genuine,
from traders just like you inside the program.
If you’re the type who’s willing to learn and work,
then join today and let us make you our next success story.

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