Whale Trading Lifestyle


There isn’t a safer, more consistent, or faster way to grow your wealth
through index trading than through Whale Lifestyle Trades.


Let us remind you the TOP reasons for loving Whale Lifestyle Trades:

  • Our highest probability wins
  • High trade confidence
  • Keeps us from over-trading and over-thinking
  • Multiplier effect in 3 markets
  • No missing trades with automated alerts
  • No major screen time
  • Pure lifestyle trading
  • Phenomenal returns

After all our years as traders, this is (by far) our favourite way and frequency to trade.

Magnetic Trading Lifestyle Renewal

$ $2000/year

Per Month
  •  Our top 2 Whale Trades, the ones we rely on the most – 80%+ success rate
  • One bonus trade for more active traders (5-7 trades per month total)
  • The Whale Trading Alert System (email) when a trade is setting up
  • Trading plan for 2019/2020 – your blueprint for success.
  • Access to our learning Center – every trade reviewed to aid your learning

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